Retired F.D.N.Y. Captain Al Fuentes founded the Patriot Group in 2004. He has dedicated his 33+ years of operational experience and professional education, Masters Degree in Homeland Security
Leadership from the University of Connecticut, to protect U.S. citizens and the First Responders that are sworn to protect them.

He has operated at numerous disasters throughout the Nation and internationally, including the Oklahoma City Bombing 95, Humberto Vidal explosion & collapse in Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico 96, and operated on that fateful day of Sept. 11th, 2001 where he suffered almost fatal injuries and in a coma.

After his long recovery and the catastrophic results from the events of 9/11, Captain Fuentes became extremely concerned with the new  terrorist “arena” that  First Responders find themselves now responding to and operating at.

Patriot Group
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Capt. Fuentes was granted a U.S. Patent for a “Structural Monitoring
Device” of which the idea came when operating at the Oklahoma City
Bombing Disaster.

He has written and
published many
articles as well as written his first book
“American By Choice”